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These projects can include documentary-style profiles of artists or performers, live musical performances, self-branding videos, or highlight reels.

Whatever your talent, we can help you showcase it to your intended audience, like decision-makers in your industry, potential funders/investors, or the public at large.


We shoot live or staged performances, like concerts or music videos with 3-5 cameras, capturing a wide variety of angles and shots.

  • 1-3 hour event (full performance) - $495
  • Full performance + highlight reel - $695

Prices include all post-production fees.

Corporate Events

Capturing your organization's live event can be a very cost efficient way to create quality video that you can use strategically for marketing. It can also help generate excitement and boost attendance for future events!

We can help you take full advantage of the opportunity to capture the excitement and the experience of a great event, exhibition or trade show.


We shoot these events using a 2-3 cameras. The shoot typically includes interviews of event organizers, VIPs, and guests, before and/or during the event.

  • 1-2 minute highlight reel - $495
  • 3-10 minute highlight reel - $895

Prices include all post-production fees.

Instructional or Presentations

Training and orientation of new employees can be costly and time consuming. We can help you incorporating training videos into your HR development, that will improve training and reduce your costs.

In post-production, we can typically cut training session time by 50% or more, by editing out pauses, periods of silence, and irrelevant conversation.


We shoot presentations using a 3 camera multi-cam approach; two cameras on the trainer, one on the audience. We'll setup the training room to ensure the best viewpoints and mic locations.

  • 1-2 hour session - $595
  • 1/2 day session (up to 4 hours) - $995

Prices include all post-production fees.

*If provided, we can also incorporate training materials (such as PowerPoints) into the video.

Special Occasions

We'll capture those special occasions or family moments such as weddings, and life tribute videos that artfully tell the story of a life remembered. We'll work closely with you, family members, and close friends to bring it all together.

We specialize in creating dynamic 7-12 minute highlight reels which you can upload to Facebook or YouTube to share with friends and family.


We shoot these events with 2-3 cameras. For tribute videos, we can cover the funeral and memorial services, and incorporate your home video into the project.

  • wedding highlight reel - $495
  • life tribute video - $495
  • tribute + services - $695

Prices include all post-production fees.